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Ange V, Australia

"What can I say absolutely amazing & Correct reading.. Andrew connected with my family, the information he gave me was life changing..."

L.D. Long Island New York

"I have had a few readings with andrew over the years. He was so accurate with the information he brought through about my family members that passed away. The information was sp specific and personal that no stranger to me could possiblly know." 

Rach, Australia

"The first thing I noticed with my reading with andrew was how direct and honest he was. He didnt sugarcoat the information coming through and deliveried it with warmth,humor, and kindness..."

D.D, Australia 

"Thanks again andrew, it was great to meet you. The reading was awesome and brings such a sense of calm"

T.D Phoenix Arizona

"Andrew was very kind, caring and thorough. I liked that he did not ask questions really, and you could tell he really cares and wants to help..."

S.M. Ontario CA

"I have had many readings over the years, but none were as accurate and insightful as the one I had with andrew. He is a Gem. Caring and Compassionate, he's the real deal. I highly recommend connecting with andrew for soulful and healing experience."

Psychic Readings with Andrew Radziewicz, The Psychic Fire Fighter. Contact today for more information.

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