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The Full Story

Search the unknown with Andrew Radziewicz


Released Jan 9th, 2023 on Blaze tv in the UK. The USA release dates are TBA on A&E.

Watch in Australia on May 11th at 8:30 pm on channel 7Mate

Click Here for more info on where to watch 


Close Encounters
Down under

This 6-part special docuseries will be featured on Channel 7MATE in Australia, Discovery Channel in the USA, and A&E in Canada and the rest of the world.  It will feature my professionally analyzed UFO videos (analyzed by Dr. Roger Stanovic at MUFON Australia) proving they are 100% legit. My testimony, psychic work, and more will also be featured. Release dates are TBA.

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history with ufo's

In 2011, Andrew flew to the desert in Palm Springs, California and spent a week training with The Godfather of Ufology, Dr. Steven Greer. Through meditation, Andrew was taught how to make peaceful contact with extraterrestrials, UFOs, orbs and beyond. Andrew has had hundreds of contact experiences, with his photos and videos analyzed putting them in the top 1% out there in the world. 


Andrew has had dozens of encounters with extraterrestrials over the years. This amazing discovery has allowed him to share his experiences, and document these events.