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Jess Radziewicz

Jess Dehaan, also known as Jess Radziewicz, is a Senior Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who specializes in child and adolescent mental health, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, risk management and family therapy. In addition to seeing adults for individual and couples therapy, Jess also works in primary and secondary school settings offering individual counselling, group programs, behaviour management, family interventions and high-risk student management. Jess is also a UFO contactee and has treated indigo/star children who have been on board UFOs and interacted with the occupants.


- 3 card tarot email reading 

- 6 card tarot email reading 

- 12 month forecast tarot reading


- Distance Reiki session 

- Face to face sessions (coming soon - watch this space)


- Telehealth Therapy session - 50 minutes (Can use a Mental Health Care Plan)

*Ages 11yrs and up.* 

- Face-to-Face therapy session - 50 minutes (Coming soon - watch this space) 

- Couples therapy session - 1.5hrs 

Jess is a Senior Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) who specializes in child and adolescent mental health, trauma, mood, and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, risk management, and family therapy. Jess also sees adults for individual and couples therapy. Jess also holds a diploma in psychotherapy and is in the process of completing her master's in psychotherapy. Jess is an accredited practitioner under the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)


Jess has been working in the mental health profession since 2011 in the public and private sectors. Over the last six years, Jess has primarily been working in a private practice pediatric clinic where she is a senior therapist who is part of the current leadership team. Jess also works privately seeing clients from home. Jess specializes in mood and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), personality disorders, risk, and behavior management, emotional regulation, school-refusing behaviors, and family therapy. In addition, Jess works in primary and secondary school settings, offering individual counseling, group programs, behavior management, family interventions, and high-risk student management. Jess also clinically supervises other mental health practitioners who require support with case management and high-risk client presentations.


Jess is an intuitive empath who works from a strength-based perspective to help children, young people, adults, and families achieve their goals. Jess strongly believes in practicing within a holistic framework, so Jess has blended her clinical practice with a holistic approach. Jess is trained in Reiki energy healing and has completed her level one and two Reiki qualifications. Jess is also a qualified tarot and oracle card practitioner.

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Jess is a UFO contactee and has supported and treated indigo/star children (UFO contactees) who present with symptoms of advanced intelligence (for example being able to read and write hieroglyphics) young children who have been on board UFOs and interacted with the occupants onboard the UFOs. This is a very sensitive topic and there are very few mental health therapists who will listen to and treat these children/young people. This work is essential because they are providing us with information about the future and the current state of humanity.


Andrew and I have had several UFO contact experiences together, our first experience was when we first met in March 2018 (Byron Bay, NSW), this was a very significant and special experience for the both of us. The information we received from the UFOs and occupants onboard has been validated, as they directly communicated with us that we were destined to be together and have a child. We now have a daughter together (Brooklyn, 3.5yrs), It was also relayed to us that we would have UFO contact experiences on a daily basis as a family. Prior to meeting Andrew, myself and my two children (Orlando 15yrs, Montana 13yrs) are UFO contactees. Since meeting Andrew, our collective UFO contact experiences as a family have reached a whole new level.

Holistic Healing Expert

Looking for an experienced and accredited mental health social worker who can help you or your loved ones with a wide range of issues, from trauma and anxiety to family therapy? Look no further than Jess Dehaan (Jess Radziewicz), who brings over 10 years of experience and a holistic approach to her practice. As a trained psychotherapist and practitioner of Reiki, tarot, and oracle cards, Jess is uniquely equipped to help you achieve your goals and find healing and empowerment.


  • Sr. Mental Health SW

  • Child/Adolescent MH

  • Trauma/Mood/Anxiety

  • Personality Disorders

  • Risk Management

  • Family Therapy

  • Adults/Individual/Couples

  • Psychotherapy Diploma

  • AASW Accredited

  • 10+ Yrs Exp

  • Reiki/Tarot/Oracle

  • UFO Contactee/Treatment.

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