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ABOUT Andrew

For over the past decade Psychic Medium Andrew Radziewicz (The Psychic Firefighter) has been connecting people with their deceased relatives worldwide through face-to-face readings and online readings.  He has appeared in dozens of media publications including the New York Post and has spoken live Internationally at Australia’s Paradigm Shift Consciousness Conference...

Ange V, Australia

"What can I say absolutely amazing & Correct reading.. Andrew connected with my family, the information he gave me was life changing..."

Jess Radziewicz

Jess Dehaan, also known as Jess Radziewicz, is a Senior Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who specializes in child and adolescent mental health, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, risk management and family therapy. In addition to seeing adults for individual and couples therapy, Jess also works in primary and secondary school settings offering individual counselling, group programs, behaviour management, family interventions and high-risk student management. Jess is also a UFO contactee and has treated indigo/star children who have been on board UFOs and interacted with the occupants.

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Released Jan 9th, 2023 on Blaze tv in the UK. The USA release dates are TBA on A&E.

Watch in Australia on May 11th at 8:30 pm on channel 7Mate

Click Here for more info on where to watch 

Image by Albert Antony

ufo page

Andrew has had dozen of encounters with extraterrestrials. Click below to read more and watch some of these amazing videos. 

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