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The release date is Jan 9th, 2023 on Blaze tv (link is below) in the UK. The USA and Australia release dates are TBA on A&E.


Close Encounters
Down under

This 6-part special docuseries will be featured on Channel 7MATE in Australia, Discovery Channel in the USA, and A&E in Canada and the rest of the world.  It will feature my professionally analyzed UFO videos (analyzed by Dr. Roger Stanovic at MUFON Australia) proving they are 100% legit. My testimony, psychic work, and more will also be featured. Release dates are TBA.

ABOUT Andrew

For over the past decade Psychic Medium Andrew Radziewicz (The Psychic Firefighter) has been connecting people with their deceased relatives worldwide through face-to-face readings and online readings.  He has appeared in dozens of media publications including the New York Post and has spoken live Internationally at Australia’s Paradigm Shift Consciousness Conference...

Ange V, Australia

"What can I say absolutely amazing & Correct reading.. Andrew connected with my family, the information he gave me was life changing..."
Image by Albert Antony

ufo page

Andrew has had dozen of encounters with extraterrestrials. Click below to read more and watch some of these amazing videos. 

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