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He was taught how to make contact with Extraterrestrials and beyond by The Godfather of Ufology- Dr. Steven Greer. In 2010, He trained with and was told by Long Island medium Robert Hansen that he “has the gift” of being a psychic medium.


Andrew’s experiences and psychic abilities are being studied by leading scientists and PhDs at Stanford,  and The University of Dublin. He has gone from first responder as an FDNY firefighter to the last responder as a funeral director, arranger, and embalmer in the funeral industry in Australia. Andrew’s relationship and empathy for the living and the dead is unlike any other medium in the world due to his incredible work and life experiences serving the public and helping families through their toughest times.   He has been using his psychic abilities to see cancer and other illnesses in others and show people how to heal themselves. 

NY Post Article:

ABN - 88 245 874 732

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