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Click on the above link to watch the clip I'm in for Close Encounters Down Under Episode 4. You can stream the whole 6 part series on 7plus in Australia and this will be shown in the USA and worldwide at a later date on A&E. Dr. Roger Stankovic analyses my ufo footage that I recorded with a Sionyx Aurora IR camera, which costs around $800 US Dollars and is worth every penny. The UFOs in the sky are connected with our deceased loved ones. They are all in that space in between heaven and earth. You can communicate with UFOs and our departed loved ones through Meditation. Sit quiet and turn down that internal dialogue in your brain and "enjoy the silence" around you. They will communicate in that silence. I know many of you are practicing the Ce-5 method, which works 100%. There are many modalities of contact. Open your heart and you can feel them, open your mind and you can see them!

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